Common Failure Analysis and Paper Bag Machine Solutions


First, the length of the white bag is incorrect. Possib […]

First, the length of the white bag is incorrect.

Possible reasons: 1. The controller is bad. 2. The dragging material does not move. 3. The rubber rod diameter error. 4. Set the color chasing state.

Solution: 1, replace the controller 2, reduce the processing speed 3 replace the rubber roller 4, set to white material

Second, the bag often stops

Possible cause: The host speed is too fast and the voltage is unstable.

Solution: reduce the speed

Third, the host can not start

Possible causes: 1. The servo system is faulty. 2. The computer signal is cut off. 3. The host contactor is broken or the contactor control circuit is unreachable.

Solution: 1. Check if the servo system and the motor work normally. 2. Connect the signal cable. 3. Replace the contactor. 4 Check and turn on its control circuit.

Fourth, the seal is not strong

Possible reasons: 1. The sealing knife is not adjusted well 2. The sealing circuit board is broken. 3. The control circuit or thermocouple is damaged.

Solution: 1. Replace the hot plate 2. Check and repair or heat exchanger

V. (1) The length of the bag length control system is too large.

The length of the bag is divided into mechanical fixed length and electrical fixed length. These two types of fixed length systems are composed of heat seal, cutter linkage system and film transport system, which are coordinated by electric eyes. If the linkage or coordination produces an error, it will cause a dimensional deviation associated with the length of the bag.

(2) The electric eye tracking is not allowed. The reasons for tracking inaccuracies are as follows:

1 electric eye problem: Photoelectric eye adjustment method and working condition are not properly selected. First of all, to confirm whether the electric eye is adjusted, the electric eye reflection and the transmission selection are correct, and secondly to confirm the leading edge control or the trailing edge control, that is, the so-called polarity, and finally to confirm the tracking mode, such as: scanning type (that is, walking the fixed length first, Then scan the color mark), fixed length check type (that is, check whether there is a color mark after the fixed length, is too much or not in place). 2 cursor printing or spacing problem

a. The cursor design is unreasonable, the available scanning area is too narrow, and the cursor is not obvious compared with the surrounding area. b. There is a change in the cursor spacing.

Sixth, in the control system to detect whether it is a hardware failure method:

Find the diagnostic function in the processing interface, press 1, 2 to enter the input and output interface respectively, the input display interface can display the signal about the machine, and the output interface can directly operate which output action, so that the machine can be quickly judged malfunction

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