Common faults and repair methods of household air-conditioning motors


What faults will be encountered when the home air-condi […]

What faults will be encountered when the home air-conditioning motor works, and what methods can be eliminated?

Single-phase AC motor for working power of home air-conditioning motor. The structure of this motor is relatively small, so some common faults can be repaired in amateur conditions.The air-conditioning motor does not start after being powered on. Most of the faults are abnormal start-up circuits of the motor except the power supply circuit and the motor windings. Electric fans, exhaust fans, washing machines and other motors generally use capacitors to start the operation; while refrigerators, freezers and other motors mostly use resistors to split the phase to start the operation. Once the capacitor or split phase resistance in the startup circuit is damaged, the motor cannot operate normally. Check the motor for faults after rectifying the startup circuit fault.

The speed of the air-conditioning motor is slow and weak. When the motor is slow and weak after the power is turned on, most of the capacitor-started motors have insufficient capacitor capacity, serious leakage or low power supply voltage. In addition, if the aluminum rod of the squirrel cage has serious defects and Bar breaks, especially the washing machine motor often starts and rotates in the forward and reverse directions. The large induced current of the rotor aluminum bar easily breaks the rotor aluminum bar, which also results in slow and weak operation.

When cracks are found in the aluminum strip, use a hand drill to drill a small hole between the cracks, insert the corresponding aluminum strip into the hole, and then knock it flat and riveted. Finally, use a steel file and sandpaper to smooth it. If the fracture surface of the aluminum bar is large, it can be repaired by the method of aluminum wire gas welding.

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