Good cooker, the function of household mixer


In modern life, who has not had a few indispensable "co […]

In modern life, who has not had a few indispensable "cookers"? This is not the case, after the soymilk machine, the cooking machine, we ushered in the birth of a small household appliance such as a blender, which can make multi-purpose food. Household appliances, presumably must be the choice of many housewives, and for some friends who rarely touch small appliances, perhaps not very familiar with the concept of the mixer, do not even know what role the mixer has, do not worry, Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to relevant knowledge. Interested friends will follow me quickly!

What is a household mixer?

The home blender is a small household appliance that differs from the juicer and the cooking machine but has some of the above functions. It can thoroughly smash and mix the food with a very sharp blade, and the largest is the largest. The feature is undoubtedly the ability to stir the food at different speeds, so that the food produced is more in line with the individual taste.

The role of household mixer

If you want to know what the home mixer is, let's start with the function of the home mixer. First of all, it has a sharp blade that can perfectly crush the food, and the ingredients are smoothed. This grinding function is not Very practical? Next is its agitating function. This unique feature benefits from its three-dimensional double-edged knife, which is the most commonly used knife on the market. Generally, there are The blade is set in two layers, so the food can be agitated and cut at different angles and spaces.

Therefore, in summary, the home blender can be used as a baby food supplement machine. It only needs a few steps to make the baby's complementary food. The delicate ingredients make the baby more easily absorbed. Secondly, it can also be used as a dessert machine or juice machine. Many beautiful women can also put a bottle of smoothie in the hot summer. In fact, it still has a role that most people have forgotten, that is, the production of chili oil and various hot pot dishes, as long as it is a paste-like food, it can "hold"! So it seems that as long as you have a home Mixer, is it replacing many other small appliances?

Having said that, I believe that many of my friends have already been excited about this kind of fashionable and modern small household appliances. Xiaobian here is going to warn everyone that the mixer market is relatively broad and complex, and friends must keep their eyes open when shopping. Choose sellers with excellent quality and “three guarantees” policy, so go to the home appliance market and find yourself a cool summer!

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