Home appliance motor range hood asynchronous motor working principle


The working principle of the asynchronous motor of the […]

The working principle of the asynchronous motor of the range hood of the household appliance motor:


(1) When the three-phase asynchronous motor is connected to the three-phase AC power supply, the three-phase stator winding flows through the three-phase symmetrical current to produce the three-phase magnetomotive force (rotating magnetomotive force of the stator) ) And generate a rotating magnetic field.


(2) The rotating magnetic field and the rotor conductor have a relative cutting motion. According to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the rotor conductor generates induced electromotive force and induced current.


(3) According to the law of electromagnetic force, the current-carrying rotor conductor is subjected to electromagnetic force in the magnetic field to form an electromagnetic torque to drive the rotor to rotate. When the motor shaft is mechanically loaded, it outputs mechanical energy. The speed of the motor (rotor speed) is less than the speed of the rotating magnetic field, so it is called an asynchronous motor. It is basically the same as an induction motor.


Do a good job in the quality inspection management of the R&D and production links: Then we also saw that the water purifier and pump manufacturers will actively do every detail of the equipment from R&D to production to after-sales. The specific manifestation is that every link is subject to its systematic quality supervision. The control of the management system ensures that every detail of a water purifier pump is very up to standard when it is delivered.


There are two types of electric fan motors for household appliances motors that do not rotate. One is the coil burned out, and the other is the capacitor burned out. Taking the ordinary shaking head fan as an example, there are 5 lines to the motor, and there are 100 lines between any two lines. For resistances ranging from more than three ohms to more than three hundred ohms, especially the connection between the two ends of the capacitor, there must be resistance in the measurement. Sometimes one of the three gear lines can be used with resistance and only one gear.


Energy-saving has become the future development direction of home appliances. Range hoods are also appliances that are used every day in the family. Although the use time is not long each time, the current used AC motors are too low in efficiency and consume a lot of energy. However, the energy saving space of using DC motors is very large. Through experiments, AC asynchronous motors require 180W of input power under the same air volume, while DC motors only require 80W. DC motors are more than 50% more efficient than AC motors.

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