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Introduction of Purifier motor inverter The word "frequ […]

Introduction of Purifier motor inverter
The word "frequency conversion" means "change frequency". The earliest Purifier motor frequency converter was a device that only adapted the frequency of the current, and most Purifier motor frequency converters on the market now can control vector parameters such as voltage and current. . Therefore, in general, the Purifier motor inverter is a device that uses various semiconductor switching functions to convert the normal power supply to another frequency.

How to wire the Purifier motor inverter
The return line of the Purifier motor inverter is mainly as follows. The three ports R, S and T are the input ports of the power supply, and the output ports of the inverter are U, V and W. They are connected to the motor. When we are used to forward rotation of the frequency converter of the motor, we first connect both the intermediate relay and the Purifier motor to the common input of the control input. At this time, the forward rotation starts, and the normally open contact of the intermediate relay is energized because it is closed. At this time, the Purifier motor is running forward. If the current is lost, the Purifier motor will stop.

Purifier motor-2

In the entire Purifier motor inverter wiring process, of course, the setting of the inverter parameters is indispensable. We need to set the frequency and operating mode of the inverter. In addition to these basic settings, we also need to set the maximum frequency and current The basic frequency can be set, the rated voltage and the maximum output voltage and the relevant time can be changed together. Finally, there are some data protection, function code LCE monitoring, start frequency retention time, etc. The functions can be based on the type of inverter of different manufacturers Make subsequent settings.

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