Market analysis and development forecast of automobile air conditioning motor in China


Automobile air conditioning motor, in a narrow sense, i […]

Automobile air conditioning motor, in a narrow sense, includes air conditioning condenser fan motor and air conditioning evaporator blower motor. In the car, the engine radiator and the condenser of the vehicle air conditioning system are often installed together, and the same electric fan is used for ventilation and cooling. Therefore, automobile air conditioning motor should include radiator fan motor, condenser fan motor and air conditioning evaporator blower motor. High grade cars are often equipped with top windows, so the motors for opening and closing the top windows can also be included in the ranks of motors for air conditioning system.

The mass production of automobile air-conditioning motor and radiator fan motor in China began in the 1980s. At the same time, the production and manufacturing technology of the sampena car and Jetta car from foreign countries, especially the German Volkswagen Company, was introduced, and the localization of parts began. These motors are automatically started and shut down by the temperature control elements according to the water tank temperature or the car temperature set by the driver, which is more scientific, energy-saving and better cooling effect than that of the previous engines which are directly cooled by the shaft with blades.

At present, almost all cars and minibuses in China are equipped with radiator fan system and air conditioning system, and some medium and large buses and trucks are also designed and manufactured in this respect. However, it mainly focuses on the car, with high technical requirements and high reliability.

At present, the annual output of domestic cars is between 500000 and 600000. In terms of OEM of car original assembly line, the market share of radiator fan system and its motor, air conditioner condenser fan motor are respectively: Shanghai Youjie Automobile Electric Co., Ltd. imports about 20% for 66%, and the rest are domestic manufacturers, such as Jilin Heli motor manufacturing factory, Hubei SHENDIAN Automobile Motor Co., Ltd., etc. The output of air-conditioning blower system is mainly from Shanghai automobile air conditioner factory. Its motor supporting manufacturers include Shanghai Shuhang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

According to the national "Tenth Five Year Plan", at the end of the tenth five year plan, the annual production of domestic cars will reach about twice the current production, and other models will also have a certain degree of development. The domestic market of automobile air conditioning system and its motor, radiator fan system and its motor will have stable and corresponding growth.


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