Mutual control of inverter motor and cooling fan.


Becoming a common point O leads three terminal lines fr […]

Becoming a common point O leads three terminal lines from the starting end ABC, and connects the ends of the three windings of the three-phase power supply and XYZ together. This connection is called "star connection", also known as "Y connection". Three-phase power supply is a system that is connected to the external power supply by three sinusoidal power supplies with the same frequency, equal amplitude and phase difference of 120 ° in sequence . The three-phase power connection has Y-shaped and -shaped. The star connection is generally used, and the connection method of the variable frequency motor is the same as that of the ordinary motor. There is an independent cooling fan behind the different frequency conversion motors to forcibly cool the motor.

In the frequency conversion control, the low-frequency operation will reduce the speed. If the fan is installed on the shaft, there will be less wind, which is not conducive to cooling. Therefore, an accurate fan must be added. But if the power frequency operation time is long, and the low frequency operation time is not long, it is fine without cooling. In addition, if the power of the motor is relatively large, the load is relatively small, and the operating frequency is not very low, there is no need to add a fan. In short, the fan is cooled at low frequency. If the operating temperature does not exceed the standard, it does not need to be added. Of course, if you do n’t know if you need to add it, then add it.

Blower motor 2

The frequency conversion motor is provided with a fan, but the fan voltage is independent and is not affected by the frequency converter. The frequency converter only controls the speed of the frequency conversion motor. The ordinary motor is equipped with a fan blade on the rear axle. It is the same as the speed of the shaft.

Hello, yes, you must use a special fan to control the motor speed with a frequency converter. In fact, it is a hood with a fan. It is easy to burn the motor if not used. In addition, there is a separate fan for the inverter motor, you don't need to consider, ordinary motors can buy a hood for the inverter motor and press it.

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